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Power walking & weight loss.?

ive recently given up chocolate, junk food, fizzy drinks etc, i eat special k for breakfast everyday too. Due to exams i havent done much exercise recently, and i wanted to start something new up. so my question basically is … Continue reading

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What do I need to eat before a running workout to fuel my body?

I am about to do a foot speed, agility and running workout. I am going to do some drills then run at a steady pace for about 1.5 miles. What do I need to consume to fuel my body and … Continue reading

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How much more calories does running burn than walking or even jogging?

do i burn more calories running 2 miles straight, really fast then i do jogging or walking 2 miles straight and if so does that mean that i could actually burn more calories running 2 miles than i could jogging … Continue reading

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What are the health benefits of Running?

I’ve been a long distance runner for a couple of years and I’m writing a college admission essay on running. I was wondering what kind of benefits are there to running especially long distanace. Thanks in advance for your anwsers. … Continue reading

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