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What’s the best running workout equivalent I can do?

I normally run everyday, but today there’s too much snow out to run, I don’t have a treadmill and there are no close gyms I can go to. What is a good workout I can do until I have the … Continue reading

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How many calories does a mile of running burn?

I mile of walking is 100 calories so how many calories do you burn running a mile? Based on your average weight and walking at a speed of 3 miles an hour, you will burn calories at the following rate: … Continue reading

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Why do swimming and running burn the fastest?

If you combinded running and swimming (Hour and a half of running, hour of swimming.. moderate) how many calories would you burn? Are these the best exercises? Id not worry about the amount of calories burnt off bec any excercise … Continue reading

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Which is more effective for weight loss, walking 6 miles or cycling 6 miles a day?

NOTE – i really dont want to build muscle! Basic law of exercise= faster is less efficient fuel usage and so burns more fuel per unit distance/time Cycling is a better choice for burning fat as it’s faster than walking … Continue reading

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How long til i see running results?

im gonna be running this summer and i have big thighs and "love handles" and am a size 10 and im gonna be running every other day for half an hour to an hour (between one and two miles) and … Continue reading

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