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What is a good running workout for today?

My friend is coming in about 2 hours. We are going to do some speed drills and cross country drills to prepare for tomorrow’s cross country run. What is an effective workout that will provide sufficient results for tomorrow? Any … Continue reading

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Why do people keep recommending walking for weight loss and fitness?

It doesn’t burn many fat calories or calories at all, it doesn’t raise metabolism significantly enough to matter, and it doesn’t deplete muscle glycogen. People should be spending their time doing something useful for fat burning, but no, they’re told … Continue reading

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What are the benefits of running 20 minutes a day?

i have been running for a while now…. it’s around 15 to 25 mintues almost everyday…. im not over weight or anything, but it helps me with my football (soccer). can u list some benefits it gives? lol cool i … Continue reading

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If my running workout gets easier as I get more in shape, does that mean I’m not burning as many calories?

I will have bad days, and then all of a sudden I will have a good day where I fell really good when I run. Usually this is because I take more effort to drink a lot of water earlier … Continue reading

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How many calories does running burn?

I am trying to loose a little weight and get in shape so I started running a little over a mile everyday. How many calories does this burn and how many calories should I eat in order to loose weight? … Continue reading

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