Do you get the same benefits of running by doing the elliptical?

I like running, but it really hurts my knees and lower back. I do the same amount of miles on the elliptical. Am I getting the same exercise benefits? I want to train to do a triathlon, but I know running all the time will hurt me. Thanks!

As with any sport, you need to "warm up" to doing a triathlon… that means you need to follow a step by step training plan to slowly increase your miles and endurance as your body adapts… if you were to go out and run 10 miles – of course you are going to hurt… but if you start with a mile and that doesn’t hurt – do a mile and a half next time – slowly increasing your endurance. Look around on the internet, there are a lot of beginner (or couch) to sprint triathlon programs out there. Start running and just be ready to back off when your body tells you.

Talk to a doctor if you are experiencing pain… they can also help you establish a good starting point for your training program.

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