I need workout routines for building muscle and running.?

Im in basketball and so Im not able to go running every day to train myself for track so I need some good workout routines to get stronger arms and legs and a good running workout routine. Best one gets 10 points make it organized please not just a big paragraph cause I will be planning on printing it out. Thanks

Starting Stength: Mark Rippetoe

Day 1:
Squats 3×8
Bench 3×8
Deadlift 3×8
Dips 3×8

Day 2:
Squats 3X8
Powercleans OR Rows 3×8
Shoulder Press 3×8
Pullups 3×8

Week 1:
monday: workout 1
Wednesday: Workout 2
Friday: Workout 1

Week 2:
Monday: workout 2
Wednesday: workout 1
Friday: Wrokout 2

(this is the best program for beginner-intermediate lifters. Look to change it up when you can parallel squat 2X your own weight.

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