Power walking & weight loss.?

ive recently given up chocolate, junk food, fizzy drinks etc, i eat special k for breakfast everyday too. Due to exams i havent done much exercise recently, and i wanted to start something new up. so my question basically is … will powerwalking once everyday for around 30 minutes increase my weight loss? and is it better to exercise first thing in the morning before breakfast OR after dinner in the evening OR 15 minutes each?
answers much appreciated 🙂

Yes powerwalking once everyday for around 30 minutes will increase your weight loss.

Exercise is important and walk is one of the best because it is easy on your body. It is probably one of the best exercises because it is in tune with your natural rhythm.

Hope this helps. If you need more help just contact me.

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What do I need to eat before a running workout to fuel my body?

I am about to do a foot speed, agility and running workout. I am going to do some drills then run at a steady pace for about 1.5 miles. What do I need to consume to fuel my body and prevent muscle loss and promote fat burning and energy?

Complex carbs the day before. Take some Gatorade with you the day of running & eat light,fruits etc,plenty of water.

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How much more calories does running burn than walking or even jogging?

do i burn more calories running 2 miles straight, really fast then i do jogging or walking 2 miles straight

and if so does that mean that i could actually burn more calories running 2 miles than i could jogging or walking 3 or more??


Rule of thumb is that you burn about the same calories per mile, but just faster (so, calories per mile is the same, but calories per hour is different)…I guess you could compare it to your car (pretty much the same mile per gallon no matter what speed, except less efficient in the city with all the stopping and starting)…so do what you like and have time for. Whaterver you do, if you occasionally crank it up a notch for intervals, your strength and endurance will improve greatly.

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What are the health benefits of Running?

I’ve been a long distance runner for a couple of years and I’m writing a college admission essay on running. I was wondering what kind of benefits are there to running especially long distanace.

Thanks in advance for your anwsers.

it depends. if the guy with the bat that is chasing you has any kind of stamina, the benefits of running an especially long distance are numerous and significant

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