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How long until I see results from running?

I started running, i’m running about 2 miles a day 5 days a week, how long before i start seeing physical results?
Immediately, because you’ll be sore as %%%! Seriously, you should see physical results within 2 weeks. For even more effective results, you might consider increasing to 3 miles a day and running less often once your endurance increases. Your body does not optimally begin to burn fat until you have exercised aerobically for about 20 minutes, and you can probably run 2 miles in 20 minutes. Most important: top quality running shoes. The cheap ones are cheap because they’re made cheaply! I use Asics; my right foot tends to turn inward when I run and Asics provide good support for that. Happy running!

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Walking for weight loss – distance or intensity?

I’m reading mixed opinions about this. At the moment I walk 1 hour everyday in moderate pace. Some health sites say ( and I mean proper health sites) if I speed up my walking and cut down the distance for some, I can burn more calories. And other health sites say the important thing is distance, not speed.

Thing is I can’t walk very briskly and continue it for 1 hour everyday. I’m just not fit enough for this.
Which route is better for burning calories and gaining muscle at the same time? ( I’m planning to start with weights soon to build muscle)

here’s what you should do:

simply keep your walking time the same, but alternate between moderate walking and walking briskly.

over time, you will find that you will be able to walk briskly for longer and longer periods of time… and eventually, with dedication and persistence, the day will come when you can walk briskly for the entire hour.

and when that day comes, you will have a feeling of great empowerment and achievement!!

just because you can’t walk briskly for all that long now, dosen’t mean you shouldn’t try to work your way up to it.

you really do want to work your way up to distance and speed together for ultimate calorie burning.

and always perform your cardio immediately after resistance training for even more calorie blasting!!

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Bicyle riding and walking for weight loss?

Well I am 125 lbs and 5’3. I am about normal, just a bit pudgy in the stomach, you know? I eat well, but just don’t know how to add exercise to my everyday schedule. Now, I am planning on biking for 4.5 miles and walking for 45 minutes, swiching off every other day.
Do you think this will work? If not, could you tell me an exercise plan, or exercises that are better.
Should I do them for longer? Or something..?

The best exercise plan is one that works. If you like walking and biking (and the amount of it you do makes you expend more calories than you eat) then your plan sounds perfect!!

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Will I get faster results from running if I run more?

I’ve read to build running stamina gradually, but is it possible to get results quicker by running more?

This depends how much and how often you run at the moment, and what your goals are.

The best way to increase your stamina is to do it gradually, though this is nothing to do with the stamina itself but more to do with your muscles and joints failing – injuries. If you can do several sports such as running, and cycling or swimming as well (these 3 compliment each other well) then this is a good way to go, the exercise can help you build stamina as well as being easier on your body.

However with cross training you still should only really increase your running miles slowly so your muscles can adapt. The 10% figure people quote is a good level for most people – low enough to avoid injuries and you can push it. If you do push how far you run then you have to listen to your body and be prepared to ease off if you feel that something is not right

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