How many hours running should I do, to burn off this binge?

I’ve eaten about 1000 calories, would 2 hours running burn this binge off?

yea.2 hrs of medium intense runnin will burn that =]

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Being in ketosis, do you burn just fat or fat and muscle during a cardio session of running?

In ketosis the presence of carbs are null so your body is using fat as the primary fuel (energy) source. If high protein intake is taken, would running burn fat or fat+muscle?

Try the Lil Jack workout it really helps

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Do you get the same benefits of running by doing the elliptical?

I like running, but it really hurts my knees and lower back. I do the same amount of miles on the elliptical. Am I getting the same exercise benefits? I want to train to do a triathlon, but I know running all the time will hurt me. Thanks!

As with any sport, you need to "warm up" to doing a triathlon… that means you need to follow a step by step training plan to slowly increase your miles and endurance as your body adapts… if you were to go out and run 10 miles – of course you are going to hurt… but if you start with a mile and that doesn’t hurt – do a mile and a half next time – slowly increasing your endurance. Look around on the internet, there are a lot of beginner (or couch) to sprint triathlon programs out there. Start running and just be ready to back off when your body tells you.

Talk to a doctor if you are experiencing pain… they can also help you establish a good starting point for your training program.

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The benefits of running at least half a mile everyday?

i know it keeps you healthy and fit but what are the other aspects. Like what part of the body does it work the most? Will I loose stomach fat from running? Other benefits of running would be great as well. Thanks.

Initally you may have some difficulty running the 1/2, and the calorie burn and muscle toning will seem to manefest itself quickly. But the body is designed to adapt and become more efficient, so you will reach a plateau where burned calories and muscle toning will actually not be as great. To deal with that you would need to increase to a mile,but the same thing will occur. In order to manage that, once you get to a mile, mix up the effort, some days very slow, other days add a couple of 30 second sprints in the middle of the run. The increase in intensity will prevent your muscles from adapting too quickly and you will see even greater trimming and muscle tone.

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Questions about running/speed walking/weight loss?

ok. so, background story.
I Usually run for about half hour, on the treadmill, at about 8mph. (along with other cardio)
my new agent said that running is giving me strong/too big thighs, so i need to power walk. So i have been power walking the last 3 days, at about 5.5 mph. so my qs:
`will i even lose weight? i mean, im def working up a sweat, but i feel like 5.5 is sooo much less than 8! and it WALKING
~i still feel the burn in my thighs. So doesnt that mean theyre still getting bulky?
~i read somewhere that sprinters have big legs because of something called "fast threads" or something. If i do sprints on the treadmil, like walking at 5.5, then every 5 minutes sprinting at 9 for 1 minute, will i get big thighs?

i thiiiink thats all. thank you so much!

Yes, you will lose weight but at a slower pace than when you were running.

You are using different muscles and the same muscles differently so there will be the burn of muscles unaccustomed to exercise or that form of exercise.

Sprinters have fast twitch muscle fibers, distance runners have slow twitch muscle fibers. The fast twitch fibers allow the sprinters to run fast and the slow twitch allow the distance runners to run far. Most people have a mix of both.

Muscles get big by exerting force and neither running nor walking lead you to exert sufficient force that your legs would start to get larger. They may look more toned but that would be from weight loss, the loss of fat that was covering the muscle which would expose it more.

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