At what point will running burn muscle?

I’ve heard that if one runs too much that one will start to burn off muscle? I do have fat to burn so will muscle only be burned after all my fat is gone? I want to lose some belly fat while trying to build muscle. If I run after a workout do I have to worry about running or doing the eliptical too much? I usually lift for 30-45 min then run for 20-30 min.

It’s more that long distance running will hinder your muscle growth goals as opposed to your body using you muscle for fuel. Running for 20-30 minutes however probably shouldn’t be a problem.

Running for longer periods of time however, does tend to break down muscle, it is better instead to do high intensity interval training like sprinting, which will actually help you build muscle and increase your endurance at the same time. Just think about the marathon / cross-country runners vs. the sprinters you see in the Olympics.

Here’s a clear article:

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How do I get the same results as running?

So, before it started snowing and the snow wasn’t accumulated on the ground, I would go running every once in a while and it really helped my breathing (because I have trouble breathing when I run really hard, my throat is dry and I start coughing, which sounds like a dog’s bark). But now, there is snow on the ground and I despise snow/cold with all of my being. I do not own a treadmill, so how do I get the same results and keep my breathing good?

If it’s only the cold keeping you from going out, then buy warm clothes and layer up. It’s actually very refreshing and invigorating to walk or run in the cold. Or get a Tunturi ergometer exercise bike, those are great, too.

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Do the benefits of running really outweigh the negatives?

Do the benefits of being healthy and in good shape outweigh all the injuries that seem to come with running?

Humans were meant to run. It’s in our DNA. Unless you train terribly, there is no real damage from running. However, if you don’t run, you face obesity, all sorts of premature death from diseases, and innumerable problems.

Of COURSE running is better.

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Would running give you the same results as hitting a punching bag?

I was wondering if hitting the punching bag will have the same results as running? Since they are both cardio I would think it would b the same, but im not sure. Because if it is I would love to substitute it from my work out since running in concrete is bad for your knees. I appreciate your help =)) any workout advice is welcome too =]]


running is with your legs and punching bag is with your arms lol

but yeah running is better

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What are the real benefits of running?

im doing track right now and i joined so that I could get into better shape but im just wondering… what are the benefits of doing track and running almost 5-6 days a week?

gain muscle and strength.=]

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