The benefits of running at least half a mile everyday?

i know it keeps you healthy and fit but what are the other aspects. Like what part of the body does it work the most? Will I loose stomach fat from running? Other benefits of running would be great as well. Thanks.

Initally you may have some difficulty running the 1/2, and the calorie burn and muscle toning will seem to manefest itself quickly. But the body is designed to adapt and become more efficient, so you will reach a plateau where burned calories and muscle toning will actually not be as great. To deal with that you would need to increase to a mile,but the same thing will occur. In order to manage that, once you get to a mile, mix up the effort, some days very slow, other days add a couple of 30 second sprints in the middle of the run. The increase in intensity will prevent your muscles from adapting too quickly and you will see even greater trimming and muscle tone.

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