The perfect walking ( weight loss) regimen for a person with a 39.9 BMI. My goal is to get it down to 22/23.?

I am not very active, but I can walk it seems like forever. Im out of shape and lose my breath easy but not enough to make me dizzy or light headed. I get pains in my ankles (not very strong and have had several ligament injuries). I sometimes get pains in the front of my legs near the bone. I know they say start in like 15-30 minute at a time, but I think I could walk for 45-60 with no problem. Is it better to walk it all at once 1 time a day or twice a day and split it up. Id like to do 45-60 minutes 2 x’s a day When it is possible. If I do 45 2x’s a day will I see different results than if I just walked 60 minutes one time a day.

Weight is 240 BMI is 39.9

My goal is 140 and a BMI 23/24

My measurements are

Neck – 15.5

Waist – 44 ( I wear a DDD cup bra) I know alot of weight is there that a reduction is in the near future.

Hip – 48.5

Any suggestions

First, walking is the best way to lose weight when you know you have a problem and you can’t go out and run marathons or such. It’s easy, it’s fun, you can take your dog, your family members, and really anyone.

Here’s how fat-burning works with the body. When you start doing an exercise like swimming, biking, walking, running, your body burns quick-energy stores of calories in your muscles. After about 20 minutes, you have depleted all the stores of these sugars and you start burning fat. The 20 minutes have to be continuous. So, walking 60 minutes once gives you about 40 minutes of pure fat-burning, while breaking it up into two 45 minute sessions gives you 50 minutes over a 90-minute period. It’s your time, so you can decide how you want to do it, but it is definately better to do longer in one session then several short sessions, if you can spare the time.

If you can’t go 60 minutes straight and you have to stop, then break it up and do a little more throughout the day. Do this every day, if possible. Walking is not like power-lifting or heavy aerobics, where you need a day or two to recover. Go every night, every afternoon, and every morning if you can. The weight you lose will stay off, too, if you don’t change your eating habits. It’s not the fastest way to lose weight, but it is the most effective and the best.

Good luck!

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