What running workout is the best for a Marine PFT?

I am trying to get into OCS and i want my 3 mile to be at least a 23:00. I am far away from that and I want to get in during June instead of October. What run workout will get me there the fastest? I am running 2-4 miles 5 days a week at the moment. But I feel I need to change it up some.

Take it easy. Don’t run everyday. Try every other at first. Make sure you get a good stretch before and after. Try hills if there are some where you are. Doing your 4 miles will be good to start with. Then 5. And change it up during the week. Like 5 monday 4 Wednesday 6 Friday. Sunday do your 3 mile PFT run then start again on 5 Tuesday 4 Thursday etc etc… skip a day. make sure you get pull ups push ups and sit ups in your workouts as well. The more you get better then up your miles. Hydrate and eat bananas this will prevent cramps. Do not eat 2 hours before your run. Also try to figure out which time of day you get a better run. My best run is at about 4pm. Yours might be noon. Trust me you will feel a difference. Remember the better you feel running a 5 miler the easier a 3 miler will be. Do sprints and do the 130 to 30 run. Time yourself during a little 2 miler and during this run for 30 seconds then jog for 130 run for 30 jog for 130 run for 30 jog for 130. When I say run I mean at a fast pace and jog at a normal pace. this is probably the best running workout for endurance besides hills. Remember if your body starts screaming for rest listen. Theres nothing worse than injuring yourself due to negligence. And take Glucosomine with Chonodrotin. Oh yeah good running shoes don’t try to run in basketball shoes.
Good luck

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