When do you start seeing the results for running?

I want to run to lose all of this weight. I will be running around my block about 3 times jogging. When will I start seeing the results? Please help and give suggestions

i have no clue when you’d see results. i didn’t run to lose weight; i ran to get fit. i saw results in about 3-5 months. i was actually able to keep up and stay with the group.
some tips:
– keep hydrated ! water, water, water.
– stretch ! stretch everything before AND after you run.
– find the right shoe for you. ask the people at the store to help you.
– i wouldn’t just run around your block 3 times. i’d time it – run for 20-30 minutes. if you can’t run that, then work up to it. run for 10-15 minutes, take a break, then run the last 10-15.
– also, shake it up, try and find somewhere new to go. i run by the bayou, in my park, in a neighborhood where no one knows me(i hate it when people see me run for some reason).
– eat healthy. only doing the exercise won’t help. eat healthy.
– try ab workout as well. ab exercises.
good luck !

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