Why do I get intense stomach pain after a challenging running workout?

I run long distance events in track and several times a week we have some absolutely brutal workouts. After these workouts, I get intense on-and-off stomach aches that have lasted for up to two days after the workout. They are normally accompanied by bloating and the runs as well.

I am very confident that it isn’t an issue of diet or hydration.

Does anyone have any clue what causes this and how to treat it?

Tough workouts can really shake things up internally. It may not be a direct result of diet or hydration, but a good diet and better hydration should help. On days where you know you’re going to have a tough workout, try hydrate well throughout the day. Try not to drink too much right before your workout. Too much water in the stomach can really slosh around and cause problems. Bananas, potatoes, and PB sandwiches are good for stabilizing the GI tract. Your body is adjusting to these tough workouts and is getting stronger. Eventually, these problems should go away, unless you have something like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which you can google and research yourself.

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